TS-039 汎用スパーサポート”影”TYPE-2(シンプル型)シルバー 





「TAIL-SLIDER」と「Grow Works」のダブル切削刻印入りです。

★Aluminium spur support of tail-slider original for generic parts.

Type-2 shape of simple.

When it's combined with "HIKARI" of spur holder, can use 12pcs of fix screw.

("HIKARI" of spurholder...TS-032, TS-033, TS-034, TS-316 )

Color of 3 variation. TS-038 is black, TS-039 is silver, TS-344 is red.

Color red is limited product.

Cut carved seal of "TAIL-SLIDER" & "GrowWorks" is included.